Should you take a multivitamin supplement?

Should you take a multivitamin supplement?

A recent personal history.

This week I went to the doctor to get all the results of my « comprehensive first consultation ». I went to the doctor with 2 questions.  But before I even saw the doctor on the first consultation, some assistants took me blood, did some sonograms of my arteries, had a look on my thyroid even if it wasn’t included in the « comprehensive » tests. My first impression was that it was prevention, or should I say screening, for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol… At first, I thought it might be a good idea in a place where 2/3 of the population is overweight, though being lean and « only » 36 years old, I don’t consider myself at risk yet.

Then I went back for the results. My arteries are fine, as is my heart, my blood sugar (though I told them that I forgot to fast on that morning) and all my cholesterol tests.
I discovered the blood tests results. And every number was normal according to the lab. But according to the nurse, I was low on some of them. And she suggested me to get some vitamins like this, some hormones like that. It would help my energy level. But I don’t have any fatigue. When she understood that I wasn’t ready to take any supplement, she tried to give me some nutritional advice: lower my animal fat intake (well, I’m nearly vegetarian, should I become vegan???), take some fish oil (isn’t it a kind of animal fat?) and maybe eat more animal food to improve my B12 vitamin level…

At the end of the consultation, I didn’t get any answer to my 2 questions, I got 3 new health problems, and no clear recommendation taking my lifestyle into consideration.

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