Second Acts and Career Clinic

Howdy y’all !!

Today, I will tell you about the 2 last books I read. They both speak about how to choose your next job. And by « next job » I don’t mean « next hospital » for me, but I’ve been wondering for a few weeks (months?) about what kind of work I want to do. For those who maybe don’t know, I’m a pulmonologist in France (should I say « I was » ?) but with the move to USA and the difficulties of certification added to my existential questions, I’m reading books about the « dream job » to guide my reflection.

Let’s speak about the books.


Second Act is written by Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine. Stephen Pollan worked hard for banks when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis (and not with cancer as he feared). This disease can be very exhausting, so he had to change his way of life. It speaks about money, credit and work to pay the bills. But after his recovering, he decided to keep on his new way of life, and to make it evolve until he became a life coach.

There are 3 parts :
– The first part affirms that everybody can decide to lead the life of his dreams. But you need to decide it and then to plan it. That means knowing what is your dream. The author proposes a few exercises to identify and put words on your dream. I’m working on it. Slowly because I’m savoring it.

– The second part is about identifying the different obstacles between you and your dream. That can be money, age, education and training. Then he proposes you ways to overcome those obstacles.

– The third part is quite short. It’s about « writing your second act script ». Just do it. Just plan it.

At the end of the book, I know I’ve already launched my second act by marrying my husband and moving to the USA. I’ve done the work by forgetting a part of the beginning. I’m not finished with my reflection about my job. That’s why I’m happy to be in the USA. That gives me time to dream more « realistically » about work.



The second book is The Career Clinic, written by Maureen Anderson. The subheading is « 8 rules for finding work you love ». If I should keep one quote, it would be, « How much money are they going to have to pay me to make me forget how much I hate my life? … When you ask something like that, you can’t go backward and unask it. The question’s been asked, the universe hears it, and you can’t just pretend nothing happenend ».

You can’t unask … So there are the 8 titles of the chapters :
-No regrets
-Talk to yourself
-Ask for directions when you get lost
-Accept free samples
-Say yes
-Have fun!
-Try something new when you stop having fun

Each chapter is the collection of a few testimonies. From artists who eventually decide to live their passion and to make a living of it, from life coaches, from a guy who made a mustard museum, from a cowboy … That gave me energy to continue my search for my dream job.

The few techniques I would keep from that book are asking for internship (to try a job), to take opportunities that come to you, and to have fun.


So here I am, full of good advice … Having some time to think about it … To those who want to know what job I’ll choose, let us make an appointment in the next summer. If I get my visa, it could be the time I begin to work again… Waiting for that day,

Take care of you,

The thinking frog …

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